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Dr. Howard Listopad

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Dentist in Coral Springs, FL

Dr. Listopad and Dr. Finder purchased the practice of Dr. David Kraus in September, 2003. Dr. Kraus had practiced in Coral Springs for 30 years.  Our practice values are to maintain the same dedication that Dr. Kraus offered all of his patients, and to introduce the modern techniques and technology that have made the dental visit less painful and more enjoyable for patients of all ages.  Dr. Listopad & Finder and their two children

One of the most valuable changes that our office has made is the conversion from film to digital X-rays. This innovative method reduces up to 90% of radiation exposure to patients, an eliminates toxic developing solutions in the office. Since there is no film to develop, the x-ray is developed immediately and can be viewed instantly on the computer monitor.  Recently our office added a digital panorex machine that captures all aspects of the teeth, jaws, and sinuses in one image.  

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